January 10, 2012

NYC Cleantech January 10, 2012

Keynote speaker Bilal Zuberi, Principal, General Catalyst. Bilal focuses on investments in companies with deep technology focus, especially clean energy.

PLUS An exclusive session on “What an Angel investor considers before making an investment” angel investor John Ason

Presenting companies:

Energy Scorecards is an online energy management and benchmarking tool specifically
designed for multi-tenant buildings. Our system organizes energy and water usage data,
supports financial planning for energy improvements, and tracks the progress and success of
energy- and water-saving efforts.

Urban Green Energy is a world leader in small wind energy and renewable energy systems. UGE designs, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge vertical axis wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar streetlamps which exceed the standards of safety, reliability, and excellence our customers expect. UGE partners with customers around the world to provide innovative solu- tions to the world’s energy needs.

XL Hybrids has developed a hybrid electric conversion technology for Class 1 through 3 commercial vans and trucks. We engineered the powertrain to increase vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions, while generating a return on investment from the fuel savings. We believe that it takes a sensible economic proposition to drive real progress in fuel consumption and emissions reduction.

About Bilal Zuberi

Bilal Zuberi co-founded a successful program to promote and encourage university based entrepreneurship (ENTER), co-organizes annual University Research and Entrepreneurship Symposium (URES), is a member of the TiE Entrepreneurship Taskforce, and a charter member of OPEN. Bilal is also a member of the core founding team of LUMS School of Science and Engineering in Pakistan. eate, 1995). Bilal was an entrepreneur (co-founder of GEO2 Technologies that also spun out BIO2 Technologies), strategy consultant (The Boston Consulting Group) and a scientific researcher (PNNL – Department of Energy).His technical work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and 30+ patents & applications.